Exiles From Clowntown - #3

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For their inaugural release, New York City’s ever/never Records extends their hand of friendship across a vast ocean and multiple time-zones. Proving their global ambitions, ever/never pluck a few gems from the extensive catalog of weirdo three piece Australian collective Exiles From Clowntown, one of whom was a member of ‘90s noiseniks 3 toed sloth. EFC re-deconstruct rock music(again) by injecting a healthy amount of world-weariness sputter n’ swagger. “(No) Original Thort” is a noisy rant that coalesces around a lumbering bass line and beehive-like guitar sounds; the perfect soundtrack for drinking and bullshitting with your mates (unless they’re squares). “Into The Light” rides a twangy guitar sketching out a vaguely VU-like motif, while the rest of the band makes like The Fall on one of their mid-80s C&N hybrids. This 7” is the third and final installment of The Holy Trinity of Shapes series. Siltblog's Roland Woodbe once put his stamp of approval on them and when it comes to this kind of subterranean squall, the man knows of which he speaks. This 7” is limited to 150 copies with no plans to repress. Select editions can be found taped and stapled to random objects throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Guerilla marketing never sounded better.

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