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Debut cassette from noise provocateur Cyanide Tooth.

Cyanide Tooth – A bringer of death in innocuous guise. Bite down hard, and say goodbye, cruel world. Control systems are in place, but Cyanide Tooth presents you with a lock-picking kit.

The Whole Tooth… is the first communiqué offered to the populace at large by Mr. Tooth. Over forty generous minutes, Cyanide Tooth reveals several methods of attack (& decay).

Side A is a complete live show from May of this year. On tour with corrosive acid rock trio (& labelmates) Degreaser, Cyanide Tooth is caught on tape in Lafayette, IN, twisting sounds & words like Dave E sitting in with early SPK. Aspects of Cabaret Voltaire, Metabolist & Sprung Aus Den Wolken rear their ugly heads.

Side B is occupied entirely by one track. “Cinderella” is a Nurse With Wound-like incantation encompassing the Brothers’ Grimm ages-old fairytale; the voice of the mysterious A. colliding in overlapped frequencies, throwing off shades of early Steve Reich experiments & criss-crossed city streets.

Merely a year old at this point, Cyanide Tooth has made it a priority to realize his vision in the live setting. Eschewing chin-stroking circle jerks, Cyanide Tooth has completed two tours in 2014 (with Dreamsalon & Degreaser), in addition to sharing the stage with bands like Obnox, Cuntz, Dasher & Pop. 1280.

Ever/Never is proud to present the debut release by one-man NYC noise unit Cyanide Tooth. The Whole Tooth & Nothing But… is Ever/Never’s sixth release & first cassette. Limited to 100 copies.

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Cyanide Tooth is the solo noise project of New York's Erick Bradshaw H, and this debut cassette is recorded half live in Indiana, half done in NYC. The electronics that feature throughout the first side are harsh, but not very aggressive. There's plenty of room for voice manipulation among the sounds of crickets dying in flames and whatnot. Meanwhile the flip uses samples of a woman's voice to rather paranoia inducing ends.

Byron Coley, Wire Magazine